PapiThugz: I want some Cornbread!

April 14, 2009

Okay, PapiThugz! So, there’s this guy named Cornbread there. Yes, I know Cornbread. I like it? It’s not as bad as “69” or “Bigg Beef”, or “Gangsta Pussy”.  Anyhow, check out About Gay Porn Blog’s awesome preview of Passion Fuck: here. So, Cornbread is extremely hot, and hung, and tattooed and very talented at banging out some ass, all of which get a hearty approval from me. You know what else gets a hearty approval from me? Aarin Driver and Osian. Both of them, together, and getting fucked by Cornbread. This gets two big thumbs up. Here’s hoping that Cornbread is here to stay, and damn am I glad that this was here to greet me after my short hiatus.

More Cornbread at PapiThugz

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